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Drugs.mobi is an ideal site for both mobile and home use to identify any unknown pills that you may find on the floor of your teenage kid’s room, in your bathroom or purse or in a random drifter’s backpack that you check while he’s sleeping with one eye open. All jokes aside, there are some valuable uses for this site, and it is imperative that you know the difference between ibuprofen dropped on the floor and xanax that fell out of your prescription bottle. One of the downsides of medication manufacturing is  that many drugs look very similar due to a limited choice of designs. So, as a safety precaution, they make sure there is an ID number on the pill. This is done to make it safer when distributing medications in hospitals, among your children, and if you find yourself mixing your medication without being able to identify them by their appearance.

Idea: 5.0

This is a wonderful idea for a site created and designed by professionals to deliver accurate information. No parent wants to give their child an anti-depressant in place of the ADHD medication. The results of not knowing what pill you hold in your hand can prove to be costly and even dangerous. This site gives you multiple ways of searching for and identifying the pills with quick results and mobile access.

Usability: 5.0

Offering many different ways to search, identify, and get information (including side effects) for each known medication in their database, this is a brilliant site. It can provide safety and peace of mind, as well as emergency advice without the need to call 911.

Design: 4.0

Drugs.mobi Screenshot We understand that this is a medical information site that was designed to be not pretty but practical. However, who said you can’t have both? You can easily navigate the site’s different sections and blogs. Buttons, tabs, and FAQs can be easily found on the layout. Nonetheless, there is just a plain white wallpaper that makes browsing the site feel somewhat stuffy. Of course, drugs are not candy, but who doesn’t like eye candy when visiting a site?

Price: 5.0

This site offers all of its content and services for free. You can get the information you need, including the medications’ instructions, free of charge. Who can complain about having free access to a huge medication database?

Utility: 5.0

Utilizing the site is easy, finding what you need is simple, and there is even information about using the drugs you are looking up. This site is more than just a good idea, it is a wonderful and potentially life-saving public service. You can fully access blogs, discussions, support groups, and side effect checkers. All in all, this is the ideal place to identify, learn about, and discuss the use of medication that you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. It’s also great if you just want to do a little research before making a purchase or ordering a prescription for your child.

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