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+ Fun for all age groups
+ Design is simple but smooth
- Not many stories to choose from


DrawAStickman is an online drawing application. Kids will choose a story and then draw a stickman and other figures as they interact with the storyline. While it is created with kids in mind, anyone who enjoys stick figure animation will also enjoy watching their creation walking and acting out a storyline. There are multiple stories available as well.

Idea: 4.5

The overall concept of this online application is to provide kids with a simple and kid friendly game to keep them interested and occupied for a bit. They will be able to interact with the storyline so they are literally watching their art get up and do things. Depending on the storyline, they will be asked to draw various other things from keys to balloons. This creates a unique interaction that will help keep them and others entertained for a bit. However, there are only a few stories to choose from.

Usability: 4.5

Instead of navigation, this application is mainly focused on the drawing abilities. Once a story is picked out, the first step is to draw your stickman figure. Kids will be able to use the mouse for this and then simply click done. From here, the stick figure comes to life and then begins the adventure. Along the way the user is prompted to draw something else. We find this to be fun for any age, but also educational for the younger ones.

Design: 4.0

Draw a Stickman Screenshot 2

Because the application is designed with kids in mind, it has a simple and kid-friendly look. To choose a story you click on the large boxes, from there you have an area to draw your stick figure and other objects. The fun part is watching the animated artwork. Don’t feel like a stickman? Get creative, draw a tree! It appeals to kids of all ages. The color scheme is dull rather than bright to make it easy on the eyes.

Price: 5.0

These days, things can be expensive when it comes to entertaining kids, but DrawAStickman provides this at no cost. That’s right, we were a little surprised there wasn’t a paid version as well. Just go to the site and start the drawn art adventures that await.

Utility: 4.5

Although it was designed with the concept of keeping kids entertained by watching the artwork coming to life and walking around, it also appeals to adults who like stick figures. It is a fun way to pass time having various stories to choose from. We find that it is entertaining to us for the most part, and we imagine kids would get a real kick out of watching their artwork coming to life as well. However, the story options are limited to a handful at this time. With more story options, you would be able to get different experience and kind of fun each time you play.

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