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Honestly, we feel this site is one of the best of its kind. There are plenty of games to occupy your time, entertain you and your kids, or just challenge your brain with puzzles. We had only a few complaints with the site, but nothing that would cause anyone to not enjoy themselves.


From Alien Defender to Zombie Getaway, is one of the best browser-controlled gaming sites out there. With everything being free and unlimited playtime available, the average “cutesy” game player can find ­­hours of entertainment here. Though it isn’t a console-based gaming site, you can still play some familiar titles, such as Solitaire, Mahjong, and other arcade games that are similar to popular titles. There are no downloads, though, and no annoying Adobe Flash Player requirements from what we can tell.

Idea: 9.0

Honestly, with the World Wide Web the way it is, gaming is probably the number one prospect out there for it. Every game is asking for money, trying to get you to download or “offer” you deals to improve quality and quantity and tear down your wallet. This site is one of the few that actually provide fun, completely free games.

Usability: 10.0

CoolGames 01

We are giving this site a flat and easy 5 mainly because it tickles the fancy of the visitors not only on PC, but on smartphones and tablets as well. runs smoothly and reaches over a range of devices to provide fun-filled gaming to all of us who use it on a regular basis.

Design: 6.0

CoolGames 02

Though it isn’t very colorful all around, the games are easily accessible. Yes, more sprucing up could be done to add the peacocking effect to bring in more users, but the games being right there upon visiting make up for the lack of pretty background. They also offer a nice list of games at the bottom of the site, presenting all the available ones in alphabetical order. This is convenient to those who just want to browse through.

Price: 10.0

CoolGames 04

When you think of playing an online game in a browser, you automatically assume that you need various power-ups, perks, lives, resources, or to pay for anything to fully enjoy the game. Not here – provides free fun for everyone. Who can argue with free?

Utility: 8.8

CoolGames 03

Sometimes the site’s laggy, but that isn’t its fault if the browser runs slow or the computers are outdated. You can easily maneuver through the games, play the games, and locate specific games with the ability to store them for future reference.

There is always room for improvement, but using this site is quite easy, fun, and very time-consuming. There are categories to help you find a specific type of game, including one for girls. There is no dedicated category for boys, but one would assume that boys simply play everything except for the girls’ games.

+ Easy access
+ Running smoothly
+ Accessible on mobile devices
+ Plenty of games to choose from
– Too many games of the same type
– Lack of eye candy
– Too few categories for the amount of games presented

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