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For those who are crazy over designing, Canva offers an easy way to create your design, and it is simple enough that anyone is able to do it. With more than 10 million users, there have been more than 100 designs created to date, and at the time of writing this their website shows they launched 1360 days ago.

Idea 10/10

Start design with Canva

The overall concept behind Canva is providing people with an easy to use platform for creating all sorts of designs, without having to struggle with the complex features and learning curve that comes with some popular software. It allows everyday people to create wonderful designs, which is a great idea, who wants a degree in designing just to make a few pictures?

Design 10/10

Creative design in Canva

The first thing we noticed when checking out their site is the home page loaded fast, and has an interesting highlight feature. When the pointer is moved, it highlights (brightens) the section of the background you are looking at. This brings a focus to the area, but the main surprise was the page still loaded quickly. However, on their about page, it took a while to load as it uses a very long page.

Navigation is easy to figure out, with everything being pretty much front and center with drop down menus for more options. The site design was also appealing, using light cool colors that make the various elements pop out, but blend together too.

Utility 8/10

Start create a better design

The service focuses on allowing people to create designs without a bunch of complicated features, which we find would be helpful to many people that do not have Adobe experience. It can be used for everyday use, students, even businesses. No matter your purpose, Canva seems to have you covered, with an enterprise package coming soon.

Price 10/10

Canva for better design

Canva provides various pricing options, depending on what you need it for. They have a free drag & drop version, which allows up to 10 team members, two folders, 1GB of storage and more. The Canva for Work package is $12.95/month, and provides unlimited folders, storage and up to 50 team members.

They have an enterprise package coming soon that will provide even more features, but they have not released the monthly price at the time of writing this review.

Overall, Canva is a website for those who are into designing things and what a way to get creating quickly with a smaller learning curve than other designing software. It is also more affordable compared to some software, such as the Adobe platforms if you’re just the occasional designer. Canva is worth checking out.

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