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+ Helps stay organized
+ Offers multiple licenses for teams
+ Mobile-friendly
- Does not offer options for different types of thinkers
- Not available on Android
- Front end navigation a bit confusing


Do you or your team brainstorm often and find things unorganized? Bubbl.us offers an organized way to unleash your creative potential, and it’s available for the iOS as well. You can improve your study skills, set goals, organize thoughts, and more. Getting started is pretty simple – you just click the “start brainstorming” button and get directed to the login area and the mind mapping application. There’s a free and a paid version available, with a free trial on the paid packages.

Idea: 4.5

The idea is quite creative, as it allows individuals and teams to brainstorm and create mind maps that are more organized than those created with alternative methods (such as post-it notes glued all over the wall). It helps that it’s available in the Apple’s App Store, but it would be better if it was also available for Android. You are able to save and share the created mind maps. Depending on the package, you can also attach files and images, create backups, and remove the Bubbl.us logo.

Usability: 4.0

Although the site looks neat and simple, the front end navigation is a bit confusing. We found that the “learn more” link directed us to a page with no navigation, so we had to hit the back button. Apart from that, everything went smooth – after clicking the “start brainstorming” button, we were directed to the application where we were able to login and create our mind maps.

Design: 4.5

Bubbl.us Screenshot 2 The layout is lacking a little but well-organized. The color scheme and graphics work well together and make the site visually appealing. We did find the design somewhat interesting. The application layout is easy to understand – you create a mind map, save it, share it, and so forth.

Price: 3.5

Bubbl.us offers a very limited free version where you get to create only 3 mind maps which, however, you are allowed to save. In the paid version, the number of mind maps is unlimited, and you can add files or images to them. The service is offered at $6 a month, or $59 a year. If you need multiple licenses, they have a team package, but you would have to contact the developers to learn about the pricing. As the application only allows for mind mapping, from what we could tell, it would seem more reasonable around the $4.99 a month price.

Utility: 3.0

Mind mapping and being organized while doing so is useful, it helps keep things flowing. Being organized allows for a quicker observation from start to finish, and that is even more important when a team is working on the same map. Being mobile is an added bonus, but again, it should be available on Android to cover more platforms. However, there are teams who brainstorm better using a large blackboard hanging in room, and other individuals that prefer creative chaos over organization. Because not everyone processes thoughts in the same way, having the option of choosing different themes or environments would have made the service more useful.

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