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+ Easy to navigate
+ Colors make it easy to distinguish content
- Can be time consuming
- You can’t log off


If you’re sitting around with nothing to do, offers you many ways to stay entertained rather than, well, be bored. If you like to read, there are various articles and topics that you may find interesting. If you’re not as big on reading, they have you covered with images, videos, vines and, in desperate cases when you just aren’t sure, random stuff. provides a massive amount of funny content, but they also provide games, interesting facts, and other categories including weird, cute, fail and of course celeb.

Idea: 5.0

At some point we have all sat around with not much to do, finding ourselves bored out of our minds. provides a free service that helps fix that dreadful issue. By simply logging on with computer or mobile device, boredom quickly becomes a thing of the past for most. Due to the large about of categories and types of content ranging from reading, viewing and watching, there is something for everyone’s interests. The only real question is, how does one stop browsing the weird, funny and interesting content?

Usability: 5.0

The site’s navigation is done quite well. The top menu allows users to quickly choose the type of content they would like to be entertained by, from games and funny stuff to some really weird stuff. Whatever the interest of the day is, you are only a couple clicks from it entertaining you. If you want to share with friends, they have made that easy as well. Simply scroll down, find what you like, click the preferred social media button and you are good to go.

Design: 4.0 Screenshot 2

Being bored never looked so good or fun. The color scheme is blue and white. Different shades of blue are used to contrast each other and the white space just makes it easy to view for long periods of time. It also helps the elegance of the site come out. However, there are times that it appears cluttered, such as on the right sidebar. If it wasn’t for the clutter, we would have rated the site higher. The pages are quick to load as well, which is surprising for being based on image and video content.

Price: 5.0

No one pays to be bored, because that just wouldn’t make sense, right? Well, now you don’t have to pay to stay entertained either as provides their site for free. Simply log on and you are good to go. Check out the popular or trending content and share. They are able to do this because they earn revenue from the advertising, which is part of the sidebar clutter mentioned above.

Utility: 5.0

For most, entertainment is just fun, and allows users to have fun reviewing content instead of being bored. We find that the content is not always great, but people have different interests and tastes, which is why they offers so many types of content. Everyone can find something here, we sure did.

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