Become a Super Learner – Hack The Learning For 30 Mins Every Day


Are you looking to become a super learner, or just trying to become a faster reader, or remember things easier? Become a Super Learner is brought to you by the creators of the UDEMY course that become so popular, and has already been used by more than 81,000 people in 186 countries to become better learners!

Idea 10/10

Become a Superleaner review

The overall concept of the course is to help people become better at memorizing numbers, concepts and numbers right away. It improves the memory to maintain and retain information, such as learning new languages and words or easily remembering names and faces. This is for those who are looking to reduce the time wasted learning boring material, and want to quickly overcome challenges with increased focus.

All this, with 30 minutes per day.

Design 10/10

Superlearner course

The layout of the website was quick to load, which is one of the most important factors these days. This is followed by the fact the site was easy to navigate, with the home page being a long ribbon style layout. It has a main navigation up top for ‘all courses’ and ‘FAQ’, along with a login button.

To find the information about what the course is, what it offers, how it works and pricing, you simply have to scroll down the page. Navigation and design could not be easier. The color scheme works well, making content easy to read as well.

Utility 10/10

3 essential skills to become a superleaner

Time is a valuable thing that we are unable to get back, and everything these days is trying to speed things up and that should include learning, now it does. Those slow at reading can learn to speed up their reading, up to 800 words per minute according to Become a Super Learner. It also helps cognitive memory functions to train your brain to remember and solve things much quicker, which is always a good way to save time in the future.

Price 10/10

Price of Superlearner course

The course lasts 6 to 8 weeks, and only requires 30 minutes per day. The package currently comes with several bonuses, which the site states is a $667 value, but the package price is only $399 at the time of this review. Considering the course teaches you how to remember and learn things quicker, saving time in the future, we think this is a reasonable price range.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, with no questions asked.

Become a Super Learner is a great way for anyone looking to speed up their learning process with an approach that is more fun, and only takes 30 minutes per day. It is currently only $399 for the master course, which includes several bonuses, and they provide a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked!

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