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+ Free service for fans and artists
+ Allows artists to get their work out
+ Targeted niche audience
- Less visitors than on alternative sites
- Difficult for artists to stand apart from the competition


Bandcamp is a website similar to Kickstarter, designed for artists and fans to come together. Artists are able to upload their work to the site so that their fans could not only listen to but also purchase their music and help fund the artists’ endeavors. Signing up is free for both artists and fans, but they do provide a paid “Pro” version with additional features. At the time of writing, the site states that the fans have provided artists with over $144 million.

Idea: 5.0

The concept is to allow artists to get their start and build a fan base. After all, it can be argued that getting started is undoubtedly the hardest part of being a thriving artist. Bandcamp has provided a way to help boost the chances of getting your start in the music industry. As a fan or a musical enthusiast, if you are tired of the radio and want to listen to the stuff that’s new, here you can find what you’re looking for. There are many new and original mixes across all genres.

Usability: 4.0

Finding the perfect song can be a bit challenging but not because of the navigation, which is laid out in a plain and simple way. If you are looking for music, you will find that you simply choose the genre you are interested in, and then you are provided with many original tunes to choose from. From there you can navigate to the artists’ profiles and listen to their other work, add it to the wish-list or buy it.

Design: 5.0

Bandcamp Screen 2

Bandcamp has an elegant design that is easy to navigate and understand. The pages load quickly as do the audio tracks. It is easy to click through to learn more about the artist, their upcoming events, and how to contact them. While you are able to listen to the music for free, there is also the option to help fund the artist by purchasing their songs.

Price: 4.5

The cost varies depending on the artist, and each artist sets the minimum price when uploading his or her tracks. Although, this is only the bare minimum, and the whole concept of the site is to allow the fans to fund their favorite artists’ work. With that in mind, we thought it was neat that fans are able to choose a higher purchase price if desired. We noticed some minimums of just a couple dollars.

Utility: 4.0

With more sites like Kickstarter appearing, we weren’t really surprised by a similar site allowing for the artist-fan interaction. The concept is solid and offers artists a more targeted audience for getting their work out there and building a fan base. With artists having the option to set the minimum price for their work, and the fans – of providing a higher purchase price, it gives both a great way to connect.

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