Amoeba Music – Perfect Choice for West Coast Music Fans

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+ Quick access to the West Coast music culture
+ Large selection of products including music, movies, and merchandise
- Design could be more attractive
- File formats used for pricing tier levels


Are you a music fan from the West Coast? Amoeba Music is all about West Coast music culture and its fans. You are able to register an account, shop music, and purchase your favorites. The website also provides the ability to search by artist or other keywords, and includes movies and other merchandise. Sign up for e-mail alerts and more. If you are looking for a gift, there is also a gift guide and certificates available that may help you find the perfect gift for the occasion. The service also offers free domestic shipping.

Idea: 4.5

The idea is to target the fans of West Coast music culture and help them connect with their favorite artists. Amoeba Music also provides a vast amount of reviews of new releases, a music blog, and a staff picks section. Additionally, it offers videos and MP3s of in-store concerts. If you are looking for a gift to someone, Amoeba will help you out by providing a gift guide, and if that still doesn’t help you determine what the person would truly like, they got your back with gift certificates.

Usability: 4.0

If you’re looking for something specific, the search bar makes it quite easy to find it. If you’re not sure or just looking, you will be able to browse by new releases, downloads, CD & vinyl or staff picks among various other categories. The overall layout makes it easy to navigate, the main issue we found was deciding on what to purchase now or later. Also, we would have preferred a genre option in the drop-down menu.

Design: 2.5

Amoeba Screenshot 2

We were able to navigate easily and find what we were looking for as well as some things we weren’t looking for but found interesting. However, our first impression of the site was that it looked a bit plain and cluttered. The design reminded us of an outdated pre-made template. Some pages were a bit slow to load but others were decent. The design could use an update to look more modern and attractive.

Price: 3.0

We found that prices varied greatly from product to product, with some being between US $1-2 and others starting around US $10. There are multiple formats available, with MP3 being the cheapest option, followed by MP4 and WAV files, going up in price for each. We are not big fans of the various formats being used for pricing tiers.

Utility: 3.0

For those who are looking for music and content specific to the West Coast culture, Amoeba Music could be useful as it targets a specific audience. However, those who are not able to play MP3 files on their chosen device might prefer shopping elsewhere over paying higher fees for a usable file format.

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