Algorithmia – Intelligent APIs For Intelligent Apps


Have you ever wanted to make an application smarter or possibly even develop special algorithms that can be used to make apps smarter? That is where Algorithmia comes in. This is a unique marketplace for those who are wanting to boost their apps into being better than ever before.

Idea 9/10

Algorithmia main page

The overall concept is unique and interesting. It is a global marketplace for developers to create or purchase algorithms that can make apps better for users. Each algorithm is unique for your circumstance and can be used for various things such as colorizing black and white photos and so much more. Each algorithm can be used in various programs such as Python, JavaScript, and HTML.

Design 8/10

Algorithmia review

Whenever you visit Algorithmia’s website, the first thing you notice is that the cool blue colors and ads for newly created algorithms. The font is quite small on the navigation when compared to the rest of the website. There are plenty of pages to visit. There are photo clips which do not slow down the loading time. The home page is quite easy to navigate and the website provides plenty of information about their service. Each section of the navigation will lead you to a new page that will have various content such as content for developers, their blog, and more.

Again as stated, the font is quite small for such a big website. The images are large and the font small. It does take away from the overall feel of the website. However, the site does work well on mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

Utility 10/10

Algorithm developer program


Algorithmia is a unique service that provides app developers with algorithms that can make their apps better and smarter. It also allows developers to create special algorithms to be sold within a marketplace. The option of being able to create, sell, purchase, and use various algorithms to make their apps more appealing to consumers.

Price 10/10

Algorithmia prices

We have to give Algorithmia a ten in this section, simply because not only do they offer a free membership, but they do have alternative programs for a fee. They have three packages: Free Forever, Pay As You Go, and Enterprise. The Free Forever package is great for those who are hobbyists, the Pay As You Go is great for businesses and starts at $20 a month, while the Enterprise pricing is based on your needs and is for more complex services.

The overall concept and feel of Algorithmia is quite unique and is unlike other websites out there. It provides an interesting service for app developers, businesses and more. The pricing is made to fit all types of lifestyles, and although the font is a bit small to read, it does not really take away from the overall appearance of the website.

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