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+ Free
+ Easy to navigate and set up reminders
- Have to check e-mail to see the reminders


If you are like us, you have a bunch of reminders for things that would otherwise be forgotten. Alertful is a free reminder service that allows you to easily keep track of all your important reminders in one place instead of stacking post-it note over post-it note which can become surprisingly unorganized in a hurry. As it’s free to get started, we decided to give this service a try. Alertful is also able to provide reminders for calling someone, shopping, even feeding the dog (which could be life-saving). It operates by sending out an e-mail reminder, and if you don’t find a reminder template that fits your needs, you can create a custom reminder yourself.

Idea: 4.5

When you hit the “Get started” button, you are directed to a page with a grid of reminder options in the form of post-it notes. You choose your option and fill out the reminder form. Then you receive an email about the reminder that you have chosen with the desired date and frequency. The idea is to set up reminder alerts so you don’t forget important things no matter how large or small. If you often forget to grab particular items while shopping, set a reminder for the day and/or time you will be shopping so you won’t forget to buy whatever you need to. We tend to have a bunch of post-it notes scattered around that are used for meetings, birthdays, and so on. However, we would have liked to see the option of saving notes and reminders for quick access and editing.

Usability: 4.5

The site’s navigation is pretty straight-forward: you click “Get started” and begin setting your reminder alerts by clicking on the corresponding post-it notes. From there you are directed to the page where you fill out your reminder details, specify your e-mail and the desired frequency. Once you’re done, you will be alerted by e-mail. Again, being able to edit this later would be an added bonus, which is why we didn’t give it a ten this time.

Design: 4.5

Alertful Screenshot We really found the look of Alertful to be neat. The color scheme compliments the layout, and the use of post-it note style design fits the service’s purpose. The navigation is easy enough for a child to understand. The only downside we noticed was that the gray text was somewhat hard to see on the baby blue background.

Price: 5.0

Since Alertful provides their reminder service for free, we have to give this section a ten. As it is an e-mail based reminder system, it isn’t something we can really see ourselves paying for, though.

Utility: 3.0

We all forget something. Of course, we may not realize it because we just don’t remember. We’ve found that Alertful could be a really useful site for those who are always forgetting things but check e-mail often. However, if you forget things and don’t really check e-mail too often, the reminders sent by Alertful might end up unnoticed. The concept is solid, but the execution could be better. Having the option to receive reminders via the SMS or phone calls would make a world of difference. On the other hand, we wouldn’t expect a service like that to be free.

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