After the Deadline – Spell, Style, and Grammar Checker

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For someone who is exploring their options on many writing styles, writing programs, and platform types, this is the site to use. You are not at risk of losing any investments, and the AI is pretty smart, as well as quick to catch on to basic grammar/spelling errors. They do not take any personal information, and they only store what they have to for legal compliance.


For writers and average Joes alike, this is a simple program supported by many platforms as an extension to help improve the structure, style, grammar, and spelling of whatever it is you are typing. It allows you to go to the website to polish up your writing if you just want to run a basic spell/grammar check on your sentence or paragraph.

The system is fairly accurate. Using artificial intelligence, it does cover basic languages and their contextual spelling, advanced styles, and grammar structure.

Idea: 8.9

After the Deadline, previously known as Polish My Writing, is a site that provides users the service of correcting both sentences and paragraphs of content for spelling and grammar mistakes. The concept is solid enough so that writers, students, and many others could benefit from it.

Usability: 8.8

Easily accessed and used, this site doesn’t just force download after download down your throat, you are also welcome to use their free engine, which is as easy as pasting your sentence or paragraph, or composing it on the spot to copy and paste it elsewhere. They give you a basic error color coding with suggestions and analyze your written material fairly accurately.

Design: 4.9

after the deadline 2

Though its usability is pretty spectacular, the design is lacking the visual eye candy. It strikes us as bland, to say the best. However, if you wish to stay in the mindset of “pen to paper,” this is actually very pleasing in keeping you on track.

The site is easily navigated. They give you decent instructions on how to use every aspect of the service, including the downloaded files.

Price: 10.0

After the Deadline offers its features for free. There is the website version and also the encouraged downloadable plugins that can be obtained through the site. Not only is it free, but for businesses, they show you how to easily open up and utilize the server through decent step-by-step instructions.

Utility: 7.7

For a glorified spell checking tool, it is actually useful, as long as you are using it on platforms that don’t come with a built-in spell checking program. The ability to go to their site and utilize the “polish your writing” feature is actually one of the most convenient aspects. A lot of the downloadable extensions and plugins are also very handy to investigate, especially since a couple of them are meant to be exploited in ways to make tedious writing tasks as simple as clicking a few letters. If you are running a platform that doesn’t have support from AtD, you can contact the developers in hopes of changing that small detail.

+ “Polish My Writing” feature
+ Free
+ Easy to use
+ Accessible downloads from main site
– Bland design
– Not much different from basic spell checking
– Not every platform is supported

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