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+ Truly addicting entertainment
+ Vast selections of various types of games
+ Enables and encourages novice game creators to expand and be known
- Ads at every turn
- Video requirements could cause some issues to some users
- A lot of content not suitable for children under a certain age


Addicting Games has a large variety of games for any junkie needing a fix of pure time-killing fun. They have any type of games, from arcades to puzzles and everything in between. Though some of the games found here are more for an adult audience, you can find classics that got their name through this site such as Bloons Tower Defense. If you like stickman comedy, how about some stickman games? From stickmen snipers, sword fights, or just setting little stickmen on fire and watching them run around the screen catching others on fire to clear cleverly designed levels.

Idea: 5.0

This site not only brings in some of the most amazing and creative game designers, it helps support their gaming library with those created by their own game makers. They have brought some gruesome, crude, action packed, and downright hilarious games to the use of its visitors. Their idea was originally to create a time killer for their friends, and it has made browser-based game junkies out of millions with so many wonderful selections.

Usability: 5.0

Everything on this site has seemed to work without issue, and even if there was a dead game on the site, there is amazing response from Addicting Games team to fix and/or remove the game to ensure that no one has hassle from unplayable selections.

Design: 5.0

Addicting Games Screenshot 2Even the design of this sight is mesmerizing. The background, layout, searching options, game selections, everything about the design is appealing to the eye and captures your attention. The background of the site itself is actually designed for some of their popular game creators.

Price: 5.0

Now something this talked up, and honestly the hype doesn’t do it justice, is usually a pretty penny to enjoy. Not this time junkies, it is free for your Addicting Games fix! Yes, you heard it right: everything on this site is free. Addicting Games is profitable by only the advertisements they host, it is kind of one of the reasons it is so addicting.

Utility: 5.0

Yet again, another 5.0 rating because of this site’s functionality to not only allow you to play any game on the site with ease, but if you have a game that you wish to get out there you are able to upload it here for people to play for free. Not to mention the multiplayer games, forums, and extensive library with alphabetical organizing as well as a search engine that is really smart.

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