8tracks – Best Place to Make the Ultimate Music Playlist


8tracks is a simple new music service that allows you to find hidden artists music in various playlists made to fit any type of mood. This is where new artists come to put their music out there, especially in a global market. It is not only just for internet listening, it is also on mobile devices that will allow you to discover new and upcoming music from various unknown artists

Idea 7/10

8tracks mobile app

The overall concept has been done before. We like that it basically caters to unknown or upcoming artists that may be in local areas or even globally, that were unable to get on Spotify. We do enjoy the fact that it is only looking for new music and their playlists are updated constantly.

Design 9/10

8tracks playlists

When you go to 8Tracks website, the first thing that you will see is a large banner image with a log in button and a button that will take you to Google Play to download their app. You do have to scroll down a little to have access to their menu. The main menu is easy to navigate, but most of the important information is on the home page. It contains all the playlists that you can listen to while browsing online instead of downloading the app. A single click will take you to the playlist of your choice to listen to various new artists. They do have an about page, as well as a place to look into working for 8Tracks.

The headers are well placed and everything is easy to read except for their menu. The font is a little on the small side, which can make it hard to read. The clean white space that is used helps you to navigate to the playlists, and everything stands out much better, which make it visually appealing.

Utility 10/10

8tracks mobile

In the age of Spotify, 8Tracks has made a name for itself by providing new and upcoming artists with a way to get their music to the world. This website has helped several artists to get noticed globally. You are able to discover new music, find new artists, and even find a playlist that fits your mood or what you are doing. This website is literally the Spotify for new music.

Price 10/10


We have to give 8Tracks a full ten for this section. They offer you a chance to have a free account to listen to new and upcoming artists. You do not have to worry about paying for a subscription and you can even get their app for free. You certainly cannot go wrong if you have a great website that is complete free to use.

Usability 9/10

For the overall concept of 8Tracks, their website design and price point, and what they do, they make it all come together. They are providing a great service that helps people to get noticed. The website is easy to read, navigate and even understand. If you are looking for a great place to find new music, then 8Tracks is the place to start.

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