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It is essential that we teach our children the importance and enjoyment of learning in any and all environments of life. 4Kids.org is a fantastic way for your children and students to do just that. They can experience a safe, clean, and organized internet learning environment that is interactive and fun at the same time. If you want your children to experience extra learning outside of the classroom, we highly recommend this site to you and them.

Idea: 5.0

The vision enforced on this site is based of the idea that children and young teens should be able to have a safe, non-threatening environment to learn online without the threat of malicious sites and software corrupting your kids’ minds. This site is created and maintained by educators and students alike to ensure that there is fun and learning combined for all ages.

Usability: 5.0

It is easily used by kids of most ages, with all of the games, and lessons being directed correctly with no errors or downloads to harm the computer or lead to malicious sites that could harm the child. Your child can have fun while learning. For the adults, everything is laid out in front of you so you can make sure your child is not straying away from where they should be, and you can interact with them or read the weekly newsletter to them.

Design: 5.0

4Kids Screenshot 2

The design and layout of the site is honestly like a school newsletter, which is what it kind of is. It has a news feed that holds updated information about technology and kid related news, but best of all it is a fun looking site that is attractive to younger minds. All of the interaction fun and games are toggled by tabs of fun design, and the games themselves are also well designed.

Price: 5.0

With so much fun rolled into one educational journey that catches the attention of many children who view the site and play games, you would think that there would be an expensive membership involved. However, there isn’t, this site is totally free. You can rest your pocketbook as your kids expand their brain power.

Utility: 5.0

The content of this site ranges from various different games, quizzes, and interaction for children. There are other tools that help increase the experience your child can have on this site. There is a section available to the children titled ‘Ask Amy’ which allows your children to bring their general questions to ‘Amy’ in order for them to be answered with accuracy.

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