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- Does not indicate the reasons of speed issues


Nowadays, there is rarely a person who doesn’t use a smartphone with 4G service. Everyone has a device that they pay good money for, and good money for their internet speed, but users often don’t know if they are getting anything from it. Some just sit clueless to the fact that they pay for 4G connection, but get only a fraction of what they should have. That is when 4GSpeed comes to help. Partnered with pingtest.com and pingdom.com, they offer a free test to show you exactly what you are paying for when it comes to your connection speed.

Idea: 3.5

The idea of this site is to test your connection in order to make sure you are getting what you pay for, but it doesn’t offer suggestions as to where or why the connection isn’t at its maximum speed. Nor does it offer solutions to increasing it. The idea is good, though. And maybe one day we will get answers instead of questions.

Usability: 4.0

The test is quick, easy to use, and is accessible for mobile and wireless connections to help provide your actual speed. You can use it as many times as you feel necessary to get a decent average of what you are actually using as far as connection speed goes. Their smartphone and tablet tests prove to be just as speedy as other wireless tests.

Design: 4.5

4gspeed Screenshot 2

The layout of the sight is easy on the eyes on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The black background offers a clear visibility of the content and test results. Some additional colors are mixed into palette. The layout of the sight is simplistic and easily navigated through. Even someone who is unfamiliar with such kind of tests is able to find the information they need, navigate to the test, and easily understand the results.

Price: 5.0

The best feature of this whole site is the price. Not charging you for the speed test, under the assumption that you are probably being charged for services you aren’t getting anyway, they offer what you came to use at no cost to your internet or service funds.

Utility: 4.5

Other than not being told why speeds are lacking, there are no foreseeable issues with fully utilizing the site in all its testing glory. 4GSpeed is easily navigated and prompted to test with instant results. You can take the information that they give you to troubleshoot all possible connection slowdowns on your own, then after eliminating any local connection sucking you are able to contact your ISP to try to resolve the issue. Basically, you are testing something that you really should be getting your money’s worth of. The site’s list of Q&A is a bit lacking, but still helpful. You can access 4GSpeed from any smartphone or tablet.

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