4 Useful Gaming Sites You Probably Never Heard About


Gamers enjoy learning about their favorite series, from Easter Eggs to trivia. When it comes to these, there are endless amounts of content for entertainment. However, when you want to look at things in a new perspective, to find adventure behind the scenes of the game, the following sites will provide you the insider information you’re looking for.

The Cutting Room Floor

cutting room

During the process of video game development, all sorts of content is modified along the way, and some is even tossed out. The purpose and goal behind The Cutting Room Floor is to dig deep and find all the information possible about these unused parts of our favorite games.

An example, were you aware that Crash Bandicoot has a level called Stormy Ascent that is fully playable, but got removed as developers considered it too hard to beat?

When it comes to removed content, the removal of levels is only the tip of the iceberg. Pieces of audio that were left over can often produce content that was hidden, such as voiceovers from Call of Duty: World at War when a fourth kill streak during mutliplayer mode was supposed to be a thing. Then there are characters and alternate animations that are not used.

Another aspect of this site is the regional differences. This is when games get released in various countries and have certain parts changed. These changes tend to reflect the cultural differences.

For example, in EarthBound (US) and Mother 2 (China) the Cultists of Happy Happyism are slightly different. The US version removed “HH” from the hat and added a pom pom. The reason for this was to lower the appearance of being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, as HH could be mistaken for KK.

Typos are another thing that get changed during regional changes, as the developers have the chance to go in and correct typos they originally missed but later spotted.



This site has labeled itself the “Unofficial Nintendo Archive,” and it collects data about every title released for Nintendo. Although it has not been updated in a while, the content that it does have will provide knowledge about older games.

Possibly one of the best sections of the site is the guide for Totaka’s Song, which seems to be hidden in every game that the music composer Kazumi Totaka works on with Nintendo. Mario Paint and Animal Crossing have the more famous occurrences. The section provides all known versions of the song and constantly look for others.

The cameo listing is another feature NinDB provides that gives a list of games referenced in other games. Some are more obvious than others, the list for Animal Crossing, for instance, is rather long.

The Mushroom Kingdom

mushroom kingdom

If you are a fan of everything Mario, then you will love The Mushroom Kingdom, as it contains all kind of information about the mustached plumber. All of the Mario game information you could find on the internet is here, and they provide a guide to get those new to the site started.

The more popular Mario games have vast amounts of information available with guides, full credits and text version manuals. For the perfectionists, they even point out typos and other inconsistencies, or how many coins are in that certain level of Super Mario 64.

However, if you are the type who does not want to read about the games themselves, they also provide different spin-offs, anime, books, and merchandise. If it was ever sold, you can find out about it here. Download music and sound effects, game art, and animated GIFS, too!

Then, to make the site even better, they provide various fan films, Mario quotes and sheet music. There are vast amounts of interesting discussions as well, such as the gender of Birdo or if Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong or not in the Arcade version. Visit The Mushroom Kingdom if you are a Mario fan.

Gamepressure – Game Ads

game ads

Video game commercials have shown their face since nearly the beginning. If you are the type that gets jittery at the thought of a new commercial, then you are one of many who enjoy the advertisement of their favorite games. Gamepressure.com has tens of thousands of game videos in their collection for viewing. You can find all sorts of video ads here; some will make you laugh and others will make you all excited about the game again.

The fun thing about videos is that they can place you behind the scenes, being released prior to the game’s release, which could show content of the game that was cut out in the final stages.

For example, a Banjo-Kazooie video showed upcoming game previews including Twelve Tales: Conker 64. However, before release it had completely changed, being released as Conker’s Bad Fur Day. While there are only a few spottings of the chaste Conker, it’s fun to see previews for a game that never got released.


The experience of learning about games should be a fun process, this includes sites that provide gaming history and insights to stories, overall enhancing the knowledge of the gamer. These are four websites that allow this to happen and increases the gamers’ knowledge while having fun doing so.

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