17 Entertaining Sites to Kill Time On


1. Staggering Beauty

This is a site that requires you to wiggle this worm-looking thing around. If you wiggle fast enough, you will set off a little rave. Note: Can cause flashing lights.

2. Sanger

If you’re a pug lover, now you can get a pug licking your screen from the inside out.

3. Cat Bounce

cat bounce

For all the cat people out there, waste some time by picking cats up and making them bounce around, or make it rain cats!

4. Sad for Japan

If you are really bored, you can use your mouse to agitate this pink-looking blob and listen to it make sounds.

5. Filler

Get ready to fill your screen with balls, but you have to avoid getting hit by the bounces, which is a challenge.

6. Calming Brits

This site simply provides photos of attractive-looking Brits that provide a calming message.

7. I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples

fat lady

Well, have you ever wanted to feed apples to a fat lady? Now’s your chance.

8. Lunchtimers

Gather with other people who are bored like you, and play with magnet letters!

9. Acrobats

Get ready to see how these things interact with each other as you add and remove little things and move them around the screen.

10. Pollock

Get ready to become an artist in your boredom as you sling paint on a canvas like Jackson Pollock.

11. Pop Bubblewrap Now

bubble wrap

For all who enjoy popping the fun plastic creation, but more eco-friendly.

12. Feed the Head

You will be able to interact with this head by clicking on it. Note that you may be surprised with what can happen.

13. I Waste So Much Time

For those who just like random humor from the internet.

14. Flame Painter

flame painter

Using your mouse, you will create interesting shapes, then click and drag in order to add flames.

15. Into Time

Waste time by clicking on the color-changing rectangles with the goal of creating even more rectangles.

16. Draw a Stickman

Draw stick figures and go on adventures too.

17. The Useless Web

If you just want random and useless websites, click the button.

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