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Yelp provides a great service for anyone looking to conduct research on a new service or business to make sure they are legitimate and provide high-quality work.


Yelp provides people reviews for various businesses and locations, and people can use their service to find what others think for just about any business out there these days as it has become more and more popular with time. Be it the biggest burger in town, or finding the best person for the job, you can use Yelp to determine if they are the correct business or person to provide you the services required. Or, if you were satisfied or unpleased with a recent service you can also share your thoughts for others to see too.

Idea 10/10

Yelp is a database filled with business reviews. Just like you would not spend your money on a product without researching it first (at least, we would hope you do some type of research), Yelp allows you do conduct research on various businesses in the area that provide the service you are needing.

You are also able to use the site to submit a review, or if you are a business owner you can let Yelp know that you exist so others can find you in their searches. You will also be able to find friends, have messages, and keep up with local events too. We find all these can be neat bonus features.

Design 9/10

Yelp review

The design of Yelp’s site isn’t real complicated, but it can be a little confusing for the first time visitor if they’re not used to how review sites work. Other than that, we found it to be a great design and easy to navigate. We were able to easily find a few local businesses and see how they ranked with Yelp reviewers, and get updated on various events too.

Utility 10/10

Yelp states they have had more than 86 million visits per month by the end of 2015, and over 95 million reviews. We would say those are some pretty impressive statistics and shows just how useful Yelp can be. They also provide users with more than just reviews though, including communicating with fellow Yelpers, looking at events and lists too.

Price 10/10

Yelp review

Yelp offers free accounts to both the Yelpers who leave reviews on various businesses based on their experience, and free accounts for the business. Yelp makes money by selling advertisements to businesses rather than charging their users for the use of service. Additionally, businesses are never allowed to change reviews or their order, so the negative reviews are there to stay.

Usability 10/10

We think that Yelp provides a great service that anyone looking for a new service or business should conduct research on first to make sure they are legitimate and provide high quality work. Additionally, unlike other review sites Yelp does not allow the business to modify the review so once a user submits it, the only way it can be removed is by the person who submitted it. That makes it easier to trust the reviews left.

We also like that they focus on other areas too, such as local events that people may not have known about, and that they provide the service for free and only change for advertisements. We have to give Yelp a full 10 here.

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