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SoundCloud is a site for music lovers of all types, not just for those that enjoy listening to it, but also for those that create and produce music and sounds of all types.


SoundCloud is a site for music lovers of all types, not just for those that enjoy listening to it, but also for those that create and produce music and sounds of all types.

However, SoundCloud is not just for music and musicians, they also provide a place for you to watch and upload podcasts too and is actually a very popular place for hosting personal podcasts. You can catch what is currently trending and you can download the app to take it on the go.

Idea 8/10

SoundCloud has become a very popular location within the music community. It provides those that make music or create various types of audio a place to upload and host their creations and share them with the world.

Meanwhile, fans are able to find their favorite music and follow those who create the sounds they simply love to hear. The best part, anyone can do it as we found signing up is quick and easy, and it’s free.

Design 10/10

SoundCloud music

We found the design to be better on the home page, but it’s not horrible throughout the site. They provide a search bar across the top for quick and easy searches at any time, along with an upload button on the top right for easily getting your stuff to the public. The other features are also easy to locate and getting started isn’t hard either.

Utility 9/10

Like millions of others, we found that SoundCloud provides a service that is not only fun, but also very useful to people. It is especially useful to those who create music or audio and want to get it uploaded online for the public to see, follow and share.

When you are just starting out, you want people to be able to easily find you and your work, but having an easy method for fans to share what they enjoy with all of their friends is a great step forward to going viral overnight too. SoundCloud is one way to help increase the chances of being noticed in the music or audio world.

Price 10/10

SoundCloud copyright

As mentioned earlier, SoundCloud provides this service at an impression price of, free! Yep, you can upload and share your podcasts, music or audio creations in general to the public for free and it is free for the public to find and listen to your stuff too.

Usability 10/10

When it comes to the music world and being able to get yourself out there at a low cost is important, let’s face it if you are just starting out and haven’t landed any major gigs, yet there is a good chance you don’t have much of a starting budget and that just makes SoundCloud an even better option.

However, if you are one of the lucky ones that have some type of budget, congratulations, but SoundCloud is still free for you and offers the same chances to become the next viral sound or audio track, even podcast that gets spread around social media sites. We think that’s a great opportunity, and at the cost of free is even better!

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