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In the end, RumorsLeague provides sport fans a place to check on their teams or players without having to weed through a massive amount of unrelated celebrity gossip.


For those who are true sports fans, who want up to date information on how things are going down, what’s coming up and all around rumors about sports, RumorsLeague is the place to be. You will find that it covers everything from Nascar to Golf, and everything between. Find the hottest rumors and news going around, and keep up with the social radar, this site has it.

Idea 8/10

While the gossip/rumor concept itself is not all that unique, RumorsLeague brings the popular niche of rumors and celebrity gossip together with a sports focus. Instead of knowing what the latest pop star has done, you sport fans are able to keep up with what your favorite player(s) are doing. This is somewhat unique as it only focuses on sports, a sites like this is usually targeting actors and musicians. So, we give it a high rating, but not a full ten.

RumorsLeague review

Site Design 6/10

The design of this site is definitely lacking that ‘clean’ feeling. On our first look, the home page simply looked cluttered. Images were jumbled together, making it hard to determine where we wanted to go from there. As the cluttered theme was not bad enough, the page load was slow due to all the images, and while looking over the home page, it auto-reloaded. This made no since, randomly taking us to another page.

We found titles on images hard to read, but otherwise simple enough to read the body content. The navigation is simple; you have the different sports to choose from. Nothing fancy, simple and it works.

Utility 7/10

Although the gossip and rumor concept has been well over played at this point, focusing solely on sports and players brings a unique style to the service provided.

For anyone interested in keeping taps on their favorite UFC fighters, or who won the Figure Skating Title, this is the site to be on. However, we feel it does not scream “unique” enough to get a full 10 here. We would like to see it offer exclusives or something you are unable to find somewhere else.

RumorsLeague reviews

Price 10/10

As with most gossip sites, RumorsLeague does not charge for their content. Because of this, we give a ten.

Usability 9/10

In the end, RumorsLeague provides sport fans a place to check on their teams or players without having to weed through a massive amount of unrelated celebrity gossip.

Their site appears cluttered, but other than that the navigation is simple for finding news related to the sport of your interest. We did find that the page will automatically reload or re-direct to another page after a period of time. If you’re a slow reader, this could become a hassle and lead to a great deal of aggravation.

However, this seems to be the biggest downfall to the entire site, as it required having to navigate back to the article to continue reading the rest, or having to move on without knowing how it ends.

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