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BeWomenly is an article-based website that provides interesting and helpful information on various topics from entertainment and ravel to fitness, health and beauty, even politics.


BeWomenly is an article based website that provides interesting and helpful information on various topics from entertainment and ravel to fitness, health and beauty, even politics.

If it is women related, there is a good chance you will be able to find something about it here. Women looking to learn how to achieve a ‘no make-up’ effect, or getting tips on exercising, BeWomenly.com has you covered.

Idea 10/10

With all of the article based sites available on the internet, it is hard to give full credit towards the concept, but we have given a high rating as it focuses solely on women’s interest and needs. This can be used as a quick reference site when needed, which is not easy to find in many article sites that publish just about anything.


Design 10/10

When we loaded up BeWomenly.com, the first thing we noticed was the load speed. For being an article site, it loaded pretty quick. This is always a good thing, as visitors have short attention spans, statistically speaking. Page load may be the most important factor, actually.

The next thing we noticed was how easy it was to find the navigation, understand how the site works and of course reading the article titles. There are many times we find article sites where the titles are hard to read, or it is jumbled and you’re unable to decide what to do. This brings us to the next aspect, the layout.

BeWomenly.com uses an organized and clean layout that allows you to easily scroll down and know what to do. You will not have to guess at which article or image is what. If you are looking for something specific, the navigation is simple too.

Utility 8/10

Looking at the services as just another article site, the utility is not that useful. However, by considering it as a website for female reference guides, this makes the utility and uniqueness a little more intriguing and useful.

By providing useful information, women are able to learn new things to ‘Be Womenly’ as the name suggests.

BeWomenly review

Price 10/10

The website is available free without a membership, so this section gets full ten out of ten.


Overall, BeWomenly.com is a great website for those looking for resource and information about every day lady stuff. From applying make-up techniques to cooking tips and eating habits.

You a even learn more on how women can benefit from exercise better. There is no membership fee, making it a great bookmark site to find out the latest on your topic of interest.

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