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AndroidoMania is a great website that holds tons of information about apps, games, widgets, and even tips and tricks that you can use in your daily life on your Android device.


Most of the world’s population will have one of two major types of operating systems. They will either have iOS or they will have Android. If you are like we are, then you most likely have an Android and love it.

That is what we like about AndroidoMania. This is a great website that holds tons of information about apps, games, widgets, and even tips and tricks that you can use in your daily life on your Android device. We are not just talking about cell phones; we are also talking about tablets as well.

Idea 10/10

It would seem that the overall concept of this website is to provide news and needed information about the Android operating system as well as the various devices that it runs.

There are various tips and tricks that can be used and even articles about different widgets that will make your life that much easier. This is a great type of website that is not only informing but teaching things to those who have an Android device, whether it be a phone or tablet.

AnroidoMania review

Design 8/10

We have found that the website tends to load at a steady rate, without a lot of sluggishness. The one thing we did however notice, is that it does have a few ads on the page that seem to slow down the loading time.

The design is easy to read and the font is simple but it works. The layout keeps the page from being cluttered. If you happen to have a slow computer, this site will be really slow when trying to scroll from top to bottom.

Utility 10/10

This is a good service to provide to customers all over the world. The fact that it is a free service that has an optional subscription to their newsletter makes it that much better. You are getting news and information without having to pay for it, but the ads do seem to take away from the overall gist of the page.


Price 10/10

The one thing that we really noticed about this site, is that it is 100% free. There are no hidden fees, or catches to this information. You are actually getting all this information and reviews free of charge. We certainly like the fact that you are not forced to sign up for a newsletter or even join a subscription just to access what they are saying.

Usability 10/10

Androido Mania is a great informational website that gives you the most up to date information about Androids and the Android operating system. You will have access to various parts of the site such as tips and tricks, apps, games, and even widgets.

Each part showing you more information that you may have or may have not known about. We like that fact that you do have an option to subscribe to the newsletter and information if you want to, but you are not forced to and the one thing that we did not like is the fact that the ads slowed the loading time down.

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